Amy's  Journey

Nursing Triplets

Our Triplet Blessing

We had her first baby in 2012. Everything went well… Beautiful, unmedicated vaginal birth. Healthy 9.9-pound baby girl. Breast-fed for two years. Then, decided to try for baby #2 and to our surprise, we got baby #2, #3, and #4! 




When our Midwife read that ultrasound at six weeks, there were two main questions that came to mind: 


1. Can I have a vaginal birth?

2. Can I breastfeed all three babies?


The doctor and midwife looked at me crazy like those are the first two questions that you have finding out you have three babies inside of you… But honestly, yes as a Mother and Doula, these are the two ways that I connected most of my baby. So I did what any [neurotic] mama would do, and I researched the hell out of it. I found a naturally breastfeeding triplets support group of Facebook, and I started listening to success stories. Many, many women have done this in the past, and that started to birth hope in me that I could do this too. I listened to their strategies, and I listen to their struggles.

When it came time for me to birth my babies, Baby A was breech so I surrendered to what I affectionately call my “belly birth.” But as they stitched me up in the OR, I had all three babies on my chest as I tandomly nursed two at a time! The nurses supported me 100% and helped them latch immediately. They wheeled me out of the OR with three babies on my chest. 





As a determined mama, I breastfed all three of my Triplets for 13 months! Day in and day out, I lived, breathed, and pumped my way through success and my triplets, not once, ever tasted anything other than breastmilk! 



Often times I would fall asleep with my pump on and wake up with a lap full of breast milk because I would overfill and overflow the bottles. At the height of their breastfeeding around six months or so of age, I was pumping nearly 90 ounces a day, in addition to tandem feeding throughout the day!!!  




The body is a miraculous thing... and if I can grow three babies, I can feed three babies. We never know the limits of the impossible until we go beyond them to the POSSIBLE. If you are a mom out there wondering if you can do it, I am another success storytelling you that YOU CAN! 

August 2020