Jessica's Breastfeeding Journey

I am a first time mom and for me the thought of breastfeeding my newborn just seemed like something I was just going to be able to do without any issue at all. I thought to myself  "I am her mom, I have breasts that make milk, she is hungry so she will latch and drink the milk. Easy." But my story took an unexpected turn when my little one struggled to latch. Despite consulting with a lactation specialist, clipping her tongue tie, using the shields, trying numerous positions and syringe feeding it just wasn’t working. She was losing weight and I was in pain and stressed out. As both I and my little girl sat there sobbing my husband and I made the decision to switch to exclusively pumping. She is still getting mama’s milk and both of us are happy and healthy.



To my mamas out there remember, whether your breastfeeding journey lasted 24 hours or 24 months you are a champion… never forget that. 

August 2021