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Breastfeeding and donor milk 


Traci overcame many struggles and relied on the support of her family and her own sheer determination to make breastfeeding successful . Read more 

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Preparing for breastfeeding, tongue tie, and nutrition


Garreth shares her story of how she prepared for breastfeeding, dealt with a tongue tie, and used healthy foods to maintain a good supply. She also shares how the bond of breastfeeding has impacted her life. Read more 


Breastfeeding Journey


Diane shares her thoughts and feelings on breastfeeding. Read more 


Breastfeeding Journey


Kiara shares her thoughts and feelings on breastfeeding. Read more 


Breastfeeding NICU Preemie Twins


Brie gave birth to 29 week premature twins and had a two month NICU stay. She was determined to breastfeed and did not let anything get in her way. Brie shares her incredible story of dedication, perseverance and love. Read more 

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Breastfeeding with Food Allergies 


"It’s more beautiful than I ever imagined and the challenges just add to the beauty as I am that much more in awe of what we have accomplished, together, further strengthening our bond." Tiffany shares her story of overcoming challenges including food allergies. Read more 


Exclusive Pumping


"To my mamas out there remember, whether your breastfeeding journey lasted 24 hours or 24 months you are a champion… never forget that." Jessica shares her story and her decision to exclusively pump for her daughter.   Read more 

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Breastfeeding Poem


"I relax, relieved, trusting he is taken care of, knowing he is nourished, grateful he is growing, impressed by the instincts, blown away by the biology." Melissa shares her nursing inspired poem. Read more 


My Breastfeeding Journey 


Patrícia is a Brazilian physician who moved to the United States just three years ago. She shares her experiences breastfeeding both her children. Read more 


Patrícia é uma médica brasileira que se mudou para os Estados Unidos há apenas três anos. 

Ela compartilha suas experiências amamentando seus dois filhos. Consulte Mais informação


Breastfeeding Video Story


Christ-Lynn never  planned to breastfeed for long but she soon discovered the incredible bonding experience and benefits of breastfeeding. She shares this experience and more in her video story.  Read more 


Nursing Baby Emmy


When Krystle received the diagnosis of Down Syndrome and a heart defect at her 20 week ultrasound she had been told that breastfeeding would be difficult. Krystle has faced many challenges nursing her sweet baby Emmy and she strives to continue to overcome them all. Read more 

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Nursing Twins


“And then, I had twins. These two babies are the sun and the moon. They both light up my life, but they couldn’t be more different. Their personalities, habits, challenges, and gifts are all so different from each other.” Read more 


My Nursing Journey


Brie had to overcome challenges from an un-diagnosed lip and tongue tie! She was well supported by her amazing family! Read more


Nursing Triplets


“The body is a miraculous thing... and if I can grow three babies, I can feed three babies. We never know the limits of the impossible until we go beyond them to the POSSIBLE.”  Read more 


Overcoming Challenges

Jo Ann

"My goal at the time was just to make it to 1 year, we ended up going for 3.5 years"  Check out this inspiring story about a mother who persevered through many breastfeeding challenges! Jo Ann shares her incredible story of determination, tears, and love. Read more 


Tandem Nursing 


“I had told my husband we could try, I was not very interested in it. When she was born and latched for the first time, everything changed!"  Learn more about Mickayla’s journey, her challenges and pathway to tandem nursing! Read more 


My Breastfeeding Story


"I was unable to breastfeed my first baby due to her being premature. So when I was preparing to have my second I was dedicated to making breastfeeding work this time around." Read more


Overcoming Challenges 


Stormy faced many challenges in both of her breastfeeding journeys. She overcame the challenges of tongue ties, pumping, and supplementing with pumped breastmilk. Through it all, she leaned on the support of her husband and professional support team as well as found inner strength she never knew she had.  Read more 

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